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CHANGING COURSE | Hey friends, I've been thinking about how to share some news with you for weeks now....gulp. There's no easy way to say it, but I've made a big decision to wind up my little business.

This is one of the hardest decisions because HoutenPlank has been a successful business. I've loved it, I've learned so much and I have been so thankful for the people have supported me.

This year, I found myself struggling to step back into the workshop. On one hand, I understood exactly how much time, energy, creativity, finance and 'family juggle' was required to take my business to the next level. I started to execute my plan and rather than excitement, I felt a sense of apprehension. I knew in my gut that it was time to review my business and prayerfully consider my direction.

As the layers peeled back, it became clear that my passion had shifted. One of the most inspiring women on the market scene said to me "I feel like your PLANKS are almost a vessel for what is deeper… the food, the family, togetherness… what they mean rather than the making of the solid object itself". That was it.

I knew it was time to muster the courage to change course, to ensure that I could be fully present in the life of my family and to trust God for the next dream.

So from here, I'm pursing my dream of becoming a food stylist and photographer. There's a significant journey ahead and there is so much to be learned, but it feels like it's the right fit. In the meantime, I'm stepping back into my old work world (a little) to help finance the dream.

Thank you to each person who purchased a PLANK, who believed in me and who gathers family and friends for beautiful moments of togetherness.

I'll be trading at The Olive Tree Market​ one last time (April 2nd, Civic Park) and to celebrate the end of a wonderful journey, I'll be discounting my remaining stock by up to 50%. I'd love to see you there xx

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened" [Dr. Suess]